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8200 Northway Dr. The Woodlands, TX

  • Sunday Mornings @ 9:15
    Kid’s Adventure Company
    Students Explore the Bible in “The Cave”
    Adult Small Groups

    Sunday Mornings @ 10:30
    Worship Celebration & Kid’s Worship
    Preschool Fun & Study Time

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The Northway Team

Pastor, Vision & Preaching

Rodney J. Mills

Rodney is passionate about helping people discover the life the were meant to live!
Student Minister

Aaron Cox

Leading students to authentic faith in Christ.

Northway’s Deacons

Northway is blessed to have a group of men—called deacons—to serve alongside the pastoral team in caring for widows, single moms, and others in need. They are spiritual leaders who embody the lifestyle and character of a disciple of Jesus. They are servant leaders who exercise influence in our church through the servant lifestyle embodied by Jesus. They are strategic leaders who champion the mission of Jesus in our church. Northway’s deacons are (back row, left to right) Jeff Levi, Mike Rushing, Steve Jones, Bill…

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Disciplines of Desperation: A Pace of Peace

During the Deep Season, through a variety of spiritual practices, we’re trusting God to honor His promise: “…when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed.”


The Deep Season: A season of refocus and passionate seeking resulting in a desperate desire and longing to know, experience, and live for God that is greater than any other desire in life.

The Disciple's Trail

There’s a better way to live – The Jesus Way. Find out even more about what it means to Love, Live, and Lead Like Jesus.

“… we love going to church with friends that help you grow!”

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