Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Director of Children’s Ministry

Rhonda Bowen

Rhonda Bowen is the newest member of the Northway team.  After 18 years of specializing in Kid’s Ministry, Rhonda is admittedly a big kid at heart, but while she enjoys opportunities to dress up, clown around, and play games, she takes ministering to kids and their families very seriously.     Throughout her ministry, Rhonda has taught at Encounters for Christ, led and spoke at various Women’s Events, and written and co-authored several Kid’s Curricula, VBS, and Music Camp Experiences. But…

Northway’s Deacons

Northway is blessed to have a group of men—called deacons—to serve alongside the pastoral team in caring for widows, single moms, and others in need. They are spiritual leaders who embody the lifestyle and character of a disciple of Jesus. They are servant leaders who exercise influence in our church through the servant lifestyle embodied by Jesus. They are strategic leaders who champion the mission of Jesus in our church. Northway’s deacons are (back row, left to right) Jeff Levi, Mike Rushing, Steve Jones, Bill…