Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to:

Make Disciples of Jesus. We like to think of it as helping people discover the life they were meant to live, inviting, inspiring, and equipping people to love, live, and lead like Jesus.

Our vision is to:

…become a multiplying church of disciple makers, an equipping center for ministry leaders, disciple making homes, and marketplace missionaries, a fellowship of radical love, generosity, and service to our community and to the world, and a catalyst for church planting.

Our Strategy is to:
  • Bring Them In: We understand that we exist for those who aren’t here yet. Priority one for us is inviting people into the full awareness of Jesus’ love for them. We build authentic relationships with outsiders through radical hospitality and a regular rhythm of events and Gospel sharing.
  • Train Them Up: “Teach them to obey everything I commanded.” Northway is all about discipleship, or even better “Apprenticeship to The Jesus Way.” From our approach to Sunday preaching to our Small Group discussions to our D-Groups (micro groups) we are consistently pointing people to live His Way.
  • Send Them Out: Ultimately Jesus calls us to partnership with Him. We are his hands and feet on the earth. Followers of Christ are sent to be difference makers in the world by living out a servant lifestyle of action-oriented love, grace, and compassion. From our homes to our workplaces, from the prison to the orphanage, from America to Africa, we strive to exemplify what it means to truly Love, Live, and Lead Like Jesus. Ultimately, many of our congregation will be “sent out” to plant new churches to new communities and people groups.

At Northway, we have 5 Covenant Commitments we make to God and each other that keep us and eventually our unchurched friends moving down The Disciple’s Trail.

1. We Build Relationships with Unchurched Friends.

2. We Bring Ourselves, Our Families, and Our Unchurched Friends to Church each Sunday.

3. We Belong to Small Group Communities of Love.

4. We Become Devoted Disciples and Disciple-Makers.

5. We Bless Others by Giving Our Lives Away in Sacrificial Service.