Northway Church

Northway Church

Align Your Spirit

Sermon in a Sentence: Praying in faith, both on our own or with our brothers and sisters in Christ, keeps us rightly focused & produces wonderful results. Sermon Begins at 31:40

Drop the Rock. Stop Judging Others.

Sermon in a Sentence: Instead of treating others with a spirit of self-righteous condemnation, Christ calls us to a life of prayerful humility and loving helpfulness toward others.  Sermon Begins at 31:05

Our Primary Attitude of Life

Sermon in a Sentence: A proper attitude of humility toward others flows from Godly wisdom which begins by humbling ourselves before the Lord. Sermon Begins at 33:40

Wisdom From Above

Sermon in a Sentence: Wisdom is the true secret to a significant life of meaning and peace and joy. Sermon Begins at 37:33

The Elusiveness of Enough

Sermon in a Sentence: Whether we have little or much, it is our attitude toward God’s provision and our acknowledgement of our tendencies toward materialism that matter most in shaping our hearts toward money and possessions. Sermon Begins at 30:50

Align Your Words

By changing what goes into your heart, you can change the words of your mouth, changing the world by speaking life into the lives of others and your own circumstances.


“God’s nature is to give himself away to those who can never repay him. There is no clearer evidence of the presence of God in a person’s life than a replication of that same behavior.” John N. Oswalt

Be Revived

Revival comes to the Christ Follower that returns to God’s presence, responds to God’s Word in Repentance and Reignites his/her passion for serving God.