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Joy to the world

Sermon in a sentence: When you are plagued by fearful views, live your life by God’s Good News Service starts 00:18 Sermon starts 20:58

The Path of Peace

Sermon in a Sentence: When you find yourself in the alleys of anxiety, follow Jesus down the path of peace. Service Starts 10:07 Sermon Starts 27:32

The House of the Lord

Sermon in a Sentence: I was glad when they said to me “Let us go to the House of the LORD.” Service starts, 7:20 Sermon starts, 23:10

The Journey & the Guardian

Sermon in a Sentence: As His pilgrim disciples, we are at all times on our way up to God, learning as we go to live the Jesus Way. Service starts, 13:40 Sermon starts, 28:15

ABIDE & OBEY : A new lifestyle

The new lifestyle for a follower of Jesus is an unending cycle of abiding, or cultivating divine intimacy, and then obeying, living your life His way out of that deep and abiding, mutual love. Service Starts at 20:40 Sermon Starts at 37:15