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A Life Lived for Christ

When we have a humble self-awareness of our spiritual condition, we will have an earnest desire for spiritual growth that leads us to live for Jesus while we wait for his return.

The Ultimate Workout

To work out your own salvation means to actively and ruthlessly abandon your life to Christ, pursuing his desires for your life, realizing your greatest God- created potential, becoming more and more like Jesus.

You Can’t Imprison the Gospel

Starting with attention to our inner life in Christ, we should live lives that make Him attractive to all, standing united as His church, contending for people’s trust in the Gospel.

Be Revived

Revival comes to the Christ-follower who returns to God’s presence, responds to God’s Word in repentance, and reignites his or her passion for serving God.

Be Renewed

When we actively wait in anticipation and expectation of his coming help, putting our complete and confident trust and hope in him, our lives, which at times may seem to be in ruins, will be renewed, brought back to life, and he’ll cause them to vibrantly flourish again.