Sermons on Luke

Sermons on Luke

Joy to the world

Sermon in a sentence: When you are plagued by fearful views, live your life by God’s Good News Service starts 00:18 Sermon starts 20:58

The Path of Peace

Sermon in a Sentence: When you find yourself in the alleys of anxiety, follow Jesus down the path of peace. Service Starts 10:07 Sermon Starts 27:32

FOLLOW: A New Role Model

Sermon in a Sentence: To Follow Jesus as you new role model is to live out the Disciple’s Mantra: The aim of my life is to be like Christ. Sermon begins at about 26:18

FOLLOW: Surrender

Sermon in a Sentence: What Jesus said is true: gaining the outside world doesn’t help you if your inside world collapses.  Sermon begins at about 34:12

The Risen Way

No matter the trials or struggles we face, even in moments of doubt, we must never forget the many promises of Christ, continuing to walk in The Risen Way.


As I meditate on God’s care and love for me, my mind is being transformed to believe his promises, changing how I think about the source of my worry and fear.