Sermons on Mark

Sermons on Mark

BELIEVE: Act on New Truth

Sermon in a Sentence: When Jesus says believe, He’s inviting you to entrust your life to His Kingdom Gospel and the Kingdom Paradigm. Sermon Begins at about 33:20

Postures of Prayer & Praise

In prayer and praise, it is appropriate to engage our whole being – mind and body, soul and spirit – in direction our affections toward God in anticipation of a powerful encounter with His presence.

Eternity is Now in Session

“The gospel is less about getting into the Kingdom of heaven when you die and more about living in the kingdom of heaven before you die.” (Dallas Willard)

The Antidote for Busyness

We push back against busyness in our lives when we practice Sabbath-keeping by spending time with a conscious awareness that God’s work is more important than ours. Download The Map, a weekly study guide to help you consistently reflect on Scripture as you pursue maturity in Christ.  
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