This Is The Way

This Is The Way

FOLLOW: A New Role Model

Sermon in a Sentence: To Follow Jesus as you new role model is to live out the Disciple’s Mantra: The aim of my life is to be like Christ. Sermon begins at about 26:18

FOLLOW: Surrender

Sermon in a Sentence: What Jesus said is true: gaining the outside world doesn’t help you if your inside world collapses.  Sermon begins at about 34:12

BELIEVE: Act on New Truth

Sermon in a Sentence: When Jesus says believe, He’s inviting you to entrust your life to His Kingdom Gospel and the Kingdom Paradigm. Sermon Begins at about 33:20

This is the Way

Sermon in a Sentence: When we surrender our whole lives to follow the Greatest Teacher in The Way, His Truth leads us into the Good Life. Sermon begins at about 33:22