This Is The Way

This Is The Way

ABIDE & OBEY : A new lifestyle

The new lifestyle for a follower of Jesus is an unending cycle of abiding, or cultivating divine intimacy, and then obeying, living your life His way out of that deep and abiding, mutual love. Service Starts at 20:40 Sermon Starts at 37:15

FOLLOW: A New Role Model

Sermon in a Sentence: To Follow Jesus as you new role model is to live out the Disciple’s Mantra: The aim of my life is to be like Christ. Sermon begins at about 26:18

FOLLOW: Surrender

Sermon in a Sentence: What Jesus said is true: gaining the outside world doesn’t help you if your inside world collapses.  Sermon begins at about 34:12

BELIEVE: Act on New Truth

Sermon in a Sentence: When Jesus says believe, He’s inviting you to entrust your life to His Kingdom Gospel and the Kingdom Paradigm. Sermon Begins at about 33:20

This is the Way

Sermon in a Sentence: When we surrender our whole lives to follow the Greatest Teacher in The Way, His Truth leads us into the Good Life. Sermon begins at about 33:22