Sermons by Rodney J. Mills (Page 2)

Sermons by Rodney J. Mills (Page 2)

Align Your Words

By changing what goes into your heart, you can change the words of your mouth, changing the world by speaking life into the lives of others and your own circumstances.


“God’s nature is to give himself away to those who can never repay him. There is no clearer evidence of the presence of God in a person’s life than a replication of that same behavior.” John N. Oswalt

Be Revived

Revival comes to the Christ Follower that returns to God’s presence, responds to God’s Word in Repentance and Reignites his/her passion for serving God.


When we actively wait in anticipation and expectation of his coming help, putting our complete and confident trust and hope in him, our lives, which at times may seem to be in ruins, will be renewed, brought back to life, and he’ll cause them to vibrantly flourish again.

The Risen Way

No matter the trials or struggles we face, even in moments of doubt, we must never forget the many promises of Christ, continuing to walk in The Risen Way.


As I meditate on God’s care and love for me, my mind is being transformed to believe his promises, changing how I think about the source of my worry and fear.