Defeating Depression.

Defeating Depression.

Northway Church
Defeating Depression.

Though depression is common, God promises us He is near to the brokenhearted and will bring healing by any means necessary .

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  1. Sandy Dunn

    Wow, What a touching message and service! Thank you for sharing. After my husband died in 2016, I was in just a bad place. Sally McClain offered her friendship and support. I knew she went to church and was a spiritual person. I was at my bottom emotionally and had no place to go and did not know what would help get me out of the dark place.. I asked her if I could come to church with her and she agreed. Through the church and her friendship, I found my way back to my God and the joy that comes with knowing him. Your sharing was brave and human. You and Brad, with your messages, have been part of my recovery by giving me God’s word and just being your joyful self. Thanks you for the D-Group. The group is changing my life and it is because of your leadership. I discuss you and Kristy with our God to help, bless and guide your leadership. I am deeply grateful to you, Kristy and Brad.

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